New Free WordPress Plugins January Week 1 2019

This is a new series I have decided to launch to help new plugins and developers get more attention. I know what it’s like to be the little guy, and I want to give my support to them as well. If you are a developer and you want to send me your latest plugin feel free to contact me. It’s a difficult task going through the repository to find the latest and greatest plugins, so I’m hopeful the community will share with me their greatest unnoticed finds.

About Testing

Each plugin was installed and uninstalled on a development server I run using the OceanWP Theme. In my research, OceanWP is the most used WordPress / WooCommerce Theme in the WordPress Theme Repository at over
200,000 Active Installations. I used this theme not because it’s one of my favorites ( which it is ), but because it is widely used and if everything works for me more than likely it would work for others.

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Dokan Starter Review

What can I say about Dokan Starter? For starters ( pun intended ) it’s a great end product that I chose over many other Multi-Vendor plugins available for WooCommerce. Let me start by saying, if you think that you’ll be able to setup a eCommerce website overnight and get it running and turning a profit… That’s what many of these platforms expect and that’s how they make a lot of sales. The fact is, that 99% of their customers purchase their product and never set it up, or fail at getting a well established brand to start turning a profit. 

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