About codeCandy

There’s been many of days where I search for the right plugin or theme suitable for me, only to find that there are no reviews, no detailed reviews, or screenshots of the plugin that I am looking for. I’m hoping to break that cycle by providing the most detailed reviews for each individual plugin that I purchase or install.

My goal is to have a massive collection of reviews for each and everyone of you to go by. My reviews are non paid nor are they sponsored. This means that the review you are reading is 100% geared towards you as an end user. I’ll be providing detailed reviews, screenshots, and videos for as many plugins and themes as I possibly can.

Have a request?

You can contact me directly for a request. I’ll purchase the product directly and even provide a giveaway to those interested. I may also reach out to the plugin or theme developers to see if they would provide an end product for me to review. Developers and Designers be forewarned, my reviews are 100% honest, so please forgive me if some of your plugins or themes are not the rating you were expecting. I dig deep in my reviews and will tell my followers exactly what I like and dislike.